About us

tanC o.z. was founded in 2020 and dedicates its activities to dance and movement performances, site-specific projects, productions, workshops, movement collaborations and choreographies in non-traditional spaces, communicates with various types of art, artists from other industries, researches and searches for unique and contemporary movement principles and their possibilities of use.

Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová, Jakub Bielik, Radoslav Piovarči and Lucia Piovarči work under the banner tanC.

Lucia Bielik

external visual movement aspects connected with internal experience, touch

Michaela Šeligová

high, crazy, jumpy, controlled, conscious, creative and above all with humility

Radoslav Piovarči

spontaneous creation, improvisation with elements of physical theatre, voice and action

Jakub Bielik

I wish you a lot of joy and creativity in your work and life

Lucia Piovarči



Theme: Radoslav Piovarči, Michal Paľko
Interpretation: Radoslav Piovarči, Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová, Jessica Schmidtová, Michal Paľko
Music: Michal Paľko
Lighting design: Radoslav Piovarči
Technical support: Lukáš Kubičina
Graphics: Veronika Šmírová
Production: Lucia Piovarči
Premiere: 23.11.2024 o 18:00, ARTSCENA, Súkromné konzervatórium Prešov



( creative production for children )

Theme: Radoslav Piovarči
Interpretation: Radoslav Piovarči, Jana Ryšlavá, Lucia Bielik, Stanislav Štofčík, Ján Gonda
Scenography: Michaela Pavelková
Costumes: Gabriela Čechová
Lighting design: Stanislav Štofčík
Dramaturgical coaching: Alex Rychtarčíková
Graphics: Veronika Šmírová, Alžbeta Galan
Project manager: TRAKT o.z.
Project partners: tanC o.z., Galéria Petra Michala Bohúňa Lipt.Mikuláš
Premiere: 27.5.2023, Galerijná záhrada P.M.Bohúňa, Liptovský Mikuláš

The contemporary movement production brings improvised stories that invite you into an imaginary world. The theme of the production supports fantasy, imagination and opens up the world of visual imagination. Inventors are curious, everything fascinates them, if they don't know something, they quickly come up with something, but they still haven't been able to solve one thing, but maybe they will find a solution with you. The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.



( dance production )

Performers: Denisa Čiefová, Lucia Bielik, Michaela Králiková
Costumes: Gabriela Čechová
Music: Nina Pixel
Project initiator: Radoslav Piovarči
Premiere: 11.2.2022 o 19:00, Synagóga Brezno, Štúrova 888, 977 01 Brezno

Dance production JUST ASK HER. deals with issues of gender equality. Three women show what it means to be limited, silenced or categorized. Can we treat each other more fairly? When will we really realize how important it is to speak out about this topic? The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.



( contemporary improvised performance )

Movement: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová, Radoslav Piovarči
Music: Ján Gonda, Jakub Bielik
Visuals: Veronika Šmírová
Lights: Ján Čief
Photo: Patrícia Hatiarová, Peter shaman Coch
Premiere: 15.12.2022, CALEH, Banská Bystrica

The contemporary dance performance tanC oz is a fixed thematic concept, the sequence and execution of which is determined by the performers directly during the performance. A work about the approach to real stories, the scenario of which is repeated too often. The processing of the performance is based on the personal experiences of the creators, who consider it necessary to openly and rawly reflect on this topic. The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.


Fragments of insulation (Fragmenty izolácie)

( contemporary dance / performance )

Choreography, interpretation: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Premiere: 16.12.2021, Festival of light and shadow Banská Bystrica

The contemporary dance performance Fragments of isolation by the group tanC, oz (in collaboration with Veronika Šmírová - video projection and Andrej Fábik - light design) is a tragicomedy that plays with the sensitivity of the individual, his ability to react to change. A relationship is a living organism that needs presence and true responses. Otherwise, we can distort everything that seems to us to be historically correct and immutable.


Consciousness (Vedomie)

( contemporary dance performance )

Choreography and interpretation: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Music: Jozef Smutný, Ján Gonda
Visualization: Tibor Meliš, Katarína Pavelková
Lighting design/realization: Ján Čief
Premiere: 17.8.2021

... and the subconscious - about their mutual influence, observation, possibilities, advantages or also problems that their adoption and research can cause. Do the moral and ethical principles/attitudes of each individual determine the accessibility of the subconscious and the free action of consciousness? Or we consider it just a dream statement to which we do not attach any meaning. The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.


Isolation (Izolácia)

( contemporary dance performance )

Choreography and interpretation: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Music: Jakub Bielik
Scenography, visualization: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Lighting design/realization: Ján Čief
Consultant: Daniel Raček
Premiere: 1.4.2021

Tragi-comedy playing with the sensitivity of the individual and his influence on change. An awareness and perhaps a reasonable evaluation of the extent to which we are willing to allow ourselves to be manipulated. The gradually developing relationship of these sometimes naive and lost people transforms into a small guide on how not to get lost in the multitude of customary truths, rules, images of what is right and beautiful. The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.



( contemporary dance performance )

Choreography: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Music: Ján Gonda, Jozef Smutný
Scenography, visualization: Lukáš Matejka, Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Premiere: 27.9.2019

Merging into one whole. Bringing together, uniting into one body, soul and thus simultaneously creating symbiosis. Connection, connection, connection... All that immerses us in depth and brings us a diverse view of the reality that is changing right before our eyes.



Zone of feeling

( site specific project )

Premiere: 1.7.2023, NOCTURNO, Zechenterová záhrada, Akropola Kremnica

Distant folders just flowing in time and space taken as a normal part, everyday life that does not change. The change that occurs when attention is directed toward the folder, which is a living, sensitive organism, pulsating and allowing contact.


Peripheries of movement (Periférie pohybu)

( site specific opening of Juraj Toman - Night peripherals )

Realization: 27.1.2023, A7 Gallery, Banská Bystrica

Individual spheres intertwine with each other or result from each other. Road along the edge, road on the edge.

Hiding dance in Trenčín

( dance improvisation in the city of Trenčin, cooperation in implementation with TRAKT o.z. )

Implementation: 16.7.2022


Banská Bystrica City Days 2022

( dance improvisation in the streets of Banská Bystrica )

Realization: 17.6.2022, Výklad Banská Bystrica

ImproperForm / Penetration of movement (Prienik pohybu)

( contemporary dance improvisation )

Choreography and interpretation: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová, Denisa Čiefová
Realization: 26.9.2021, Brezno

Projekt - Re:index

( dance improvisation, cooperation in implementation with TRAKT o.z. )

Implementation: 7.5.2021

Re:index reflects the perception of the world, in which the virtual merges with the real. Through the language of contemporary art, he re/constructs the perception of a well-known institution. It indicates various ideological, social, historical relationships in which mysticism, speculation and reality are intertwined. This creates space for viewer interactivity and space for reflection on public and private environments and participation in social life.



„Fulla Goodbye Party“

( site-specific )

Choreography: Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová
Concept: Radoslav Piovarči, Andrea Kapráliková
Performers: Giorgia Belotti, Lucia Bielik, Paulína Šmatláková, Michaela Šeligová, Radoslav Piovarči
Music: Andrej Jurkovič
Lighting design: Stanislav Štofčík
Costumes: Gabriela Čechová
Projection: Lukáš Matejka collaboration Viktor Vilkovský, Martina Matejková & Robert Roth (audio)
Premiere: 19.2.2022, Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu, Ružomberok

After decades, Fulla's works are leaving their home - Galeria Ľudovít Fulla and Ružomberok. The current unsatisfactory state of emergency of the gallery building does not allow to continue exhibiting originals of incalculable value. The site-specific performance, which is a combination of dance, theater, music and lighting design, brings a symbolic, unique and unrepeatable farewell to the work of Ľ. Fulla.



( movement cooperation for an opera performance )

Conductor: Ján Procházka
Director: Pavol Viecha
Choirmaster: Iveta Popovičová
Costumes: Dáša Veselovská
Set and lighting design: Ján Ptačin
Movement collaboration: tanC o.z.
Dramaturgy: Alžbeta Lukáčová
Premiere: 4. and 5.3.2022, State Opera Banská Bystrica


( dance group of students of JLBella Conservatory and J.Cikker ZUŠ )

Contemporary dance full-length performances: Empty spaces (2018), Renovation (2018), Touch surfaces (2019), Human box (2020), Machinery (2021), Babylon (2022).




13.-15.7.2024: VÝMYSELNÍCI, Ostrava, repríza

27.7.-1.8.2024: DŽAVOT, repríza a workshop, Festival amatérskeho divadla Nitra

19.8.-1.9.2024: Rezidencia Divadlo Pôtoň, Bátovce

24.8.2024: DŽAVOT, Humenné, repríza



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